Ongoing research and reinterpreting appeal to create living spaces which represent who we are. People create teams - understanding and communicating

with the client is the cornerstone to build on to create successful business relationships.

An equation of two terms - individuals | team - in which expertise and experience combined with audacity and ambition are what make De Hoe Design.


The founder members of the company Elisabetta Nonnis Marzano and Xavier De Hoe, both with an academic background in art, architecture and interior design, graduated from the European Institute of Design in Milan ( IED ) in 1985. After graduation they worked with a number of architects based in Milan as well as maturing significant experience as illustrators and participating in number of public and private tenders. Their paths divide, one starts working with an international market whilst the other becomes head of the technical design office for a Hospitality fit-out contractor.


The individual experiences become the keystone and drive behind their decision to become freelancers and set up their first bureau "Studio De Hoe”, which was later transformed into “DHD | De Hoe Design Srl”, with the final addition of a specialized company “DHP | DH Project Srl” (www.dhproject.it).


The Team


During the first part of 2000 the idea of “group” was developed. This concept is based on perfecting time frames and projects by improving the quality of expertise and skills and in-house “working method”. 

Our company's driving force can be translated into passion, ideals, innovation and global vision.

Skills and experience merged to create the combination of values and ambitions individual / team, which gives the footprint of DHD, a reflection of the connection between the founders and the collaborators.



Xavier De Hoe


Elisabetta Nonnis Marzano


Arch. Marco Giuliotti

Chief Design & Management

PM & Development


Arch. Riccardo Martello

Design & Development

architecture & interiors


Geom. Francesco Cavazzini

Design & Coordination

architecture & building

Arch. Gregorio Pratticò

Chief Coordinator & Management

PM & Coordination


Arch. Valentina Battilocchi

Design & Development

architecture & interiors


Arch. Claudia Tedesco

Design & Coordination

architecture & building


Our Mission

Our mission is expressed in some basic concepts which could be summarized as follows.

Designing interiors with individual appeal satisfying the end client’s requirements and expectations. Combining quality in design with simple and clear procedures. Use linear work method. Continue to promote the Italian design and style, aware of a strong experience base, internationally established