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01 Tailored Design

. . . after all, we are constantly looking for well-being, and the places we inhabit and where we live have a crucial importance in satisfying this need.


We can therefore say that living in a pleasing and reassuring place is not only a mere functional necessity but a need for our equilibrium. Finding a refuge, a recognizable place to take possession of and grow with, means triggering positive feelings and thoughts, or gratifying and taking care of your disheartenment .


The latest events have shown us how fundamental the concept of "living" is.

The internal environments must respect the balance of comfort and sensory satisfaction. People and their "objects" must be able to welcome them.

Country House 1

02 A matter of style

Appartamento privato

Style is the way to express our creativity, recognizable by its constant aspects in the conception of spaces, aesthetic, material and emotional choices.


Distinctive element that does not want to chase or mimic "fashions", but that must seduce a clientele who yearns to live in contemporary interiors without losing the excellence of the Italian design tradition.


03 Inspiration

dhd_SKTC (28).jpg

Aesthetics that cultivate simplicity with a taste for detail pushed to the extreme, adapted to the lifestyle of each client.


Timeless stylistic choices, which do not scream but cradle the senses. Spaces, light, colors, materials, shapes are an essential part of the project.


04 Il nostro habitat


Our field of work is quite vast. From the design of villas and private apartments, to boutiques and hotels.

We take care of interior architecture, furnishings and the complete fit-out. From furniture-only interventions to complete renovations with changes in space planing, systems and overall transformations.
The internal projects and consultancy have been carried out in recent years in Italy and abroad.



Strada Cava in Vigatto 48/A • 43124 Parma • Italy

Tel: +39 0521 199 78 94

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