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01 Activity

La beauté n'est que la promesse du bonheur


Creative thinking, know-how and professionalism are the soul of my work.


I am aware that design is more than just the aesthetic representation.

It is a multifaceted and organic process that influences every element of the project, be it creative, technical, implementation or budget.

It translates into the creation of experiences, sensations adding value to every interaction.


In approaching projects, I aspire to build an empathic relationship with the client, offering my attention, based on uncritical listening and understanding of the client's emotions and of his basic needs.


02 Skills

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Analysis & Feasibility

Approach a project with consciousness

Consulting and feasibility study


Analysis of technical and economic feasibility, of the costs for creating, transforming, for the purchase and / or sale of residential, commercial, office, hospitality or food & beverage spaces.

"Seeing beyond appearance", imagining a future projection by objectively evaluating the potential of individual objects projects.


Analysis and design evaluations. Possibility of recovery, restoration and verification of the investment potential

Concept Design

Ideation and creativity

Space Planing

Study of the project and of the internal spaces, distribution and organization, with provision for the overall dimensions of the furniture, windows, systems, etc.


Concept design

Elaboration of a complete interior design, with study of the furniture, fixed and loose, windows, lighting fixtures, finishes, etc., up to the choice of accessories and furnishings in general.


Brand Design

Ad hoc creation of your image and brand, studied around you and your product.

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Shop drawings & implementation

Competence and experience in the field

Project Development & Management

Administration of the project development and construction, data management and communication processes; construction drawings, furniture engineering, flinishing design, systems coordination (MEP), up to supervision during the production and construction phases.


Fit-out site management

Administration of contracts with craftsmen.

Construction site setting and checks. Control of good execution.

Supplies and production checks.

Management of supplies and finishes.


Interiors design & build

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